Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Old Hollywood glam themes are making a huge statement right now.  This is mainly due to the recent showing of a new film called The Great Gatsby.  The film is based on book, also called The Great Gatsby, which was written in the 1920's.  After being scooted to the back of the bookshelves for 20+ years, it made a comeback in the 1940's and was then considered a literary classic.  The story was about a character named Jay Gatsby, a young mysterious millionaire and his intense feelings for Daisy Buchanan.  The story took place during the 1920's, which was the jazz age.

This story paints a picture of the American dream, which is why it's become so popular to base your theme around it's intricate details.  Between it's romantic ambiance, lively atmosphere and glamorous design, this theme is sure to please all of your guests.  Details of this theme include pearls, gold(dish ware, jewelry, etc), crystals, white feathers, slim fitting dresses with all over beading, and extravagant hair pieces.  Be sure to include some champagne to set the tone. This is definitely a "go big or go home" type of theme.  Place a feather here and there and it might look a little off.  But a bouquet of white feathers set on black linens with gold and crystal accents will blow your guests away!  Here are a few pictures of some gorgeous Gatsby themed weddings.  We can do this for you!

If you're looking to "wow" your guests and make a lasting impression, this is definitely the theme for you!  It makes for a very lively, fun and interactive atmosphere that your guests will love.  We would love to turn your wedding into an American dream inspired fantasy!  

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