Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Signage

Wedding signage is becoming a huge trend in the wedding world.  Couples use wedding signage in many ways for multitudes of reasons.  It can easily (and frugally) add touches of elegance, glamour, humor and whimsicality to your wedding.

Wedding signs can also be exceedingly helpful to guests and save them from possible confusion.  They can lead them to ceremony sites, cocktail hours and reception areas.  They can also tell them where to sit at the ceremony.  If you have a tight budget you could even write the itinerary on a chalkboard(or any other kind of signage) and display it for everyone to see as they enter or leave the ceremony.  Your wedding coordinator will of course handle these details, though it never hurts to have a back up and some extra decor!

There are a few ways to get wedding signage.  One way is to simply order it online.  There are many websites that have pre-made signs that you can buy.  You can also custom order online or ask a local craft store if they offer custom signage.  Or, if your crafty, then you can make your own!

Before you set off to the store to make your own signs, decide on what kind of signs you want to make.  If you're incorporating multiple signs into your wedding, you will want them to be fairly consistent.  Next, you can either look up a tutorial online on how to make your desired sign or you can consult someone from your local craft store.  Here are some examples of wedding signage and how they can be incorporated into your theme.

The wood frame and chalkboard sign adds to the rustic feel of this wedding.  

The mix of different fonts on this chalkboard is so creative and fun.

The black, white and pink on this glossed sign is very classy and elegant.

Our team loves burlap!
  It really brings out the rustic and chicness of this outdoor reception.

I love how festive this colorful sign is.  It's so fun and inviting!

Gold frames are a great way to create a vintage atmosphere with hardly any effort.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Wedding Regrets

There are so many decisions to make when planning your wedding, you're bound to be less than ecstatic about the result of a couple of them.  The truth is, nothing is flawless.  Makeup may smear and that form fitting gown may seem like a much better idea after trying to maneuver around in your gorgeous ballgown, layered in beading and tulle.   Here are some of the most common things brides say they would've changed.  

1. "I would have hired a wedding planner."- Taking on all of the stress, decisions and financial planning is a daunting task.  Do yourself a favor and hire a professional!  Professionals, like Nashville Event Planning, will be able to guide you through the process, reassuring you that you are not on your own and that you're getting the best deals possible with other vendors.  We will help you stay within your budget, but also give you the quality you desire.

2. "Pick the venue before the date."- Avoid setting the date and choosing the venue that is available.  Choose the venue that best suits you and your groom to be and then set the date.  It's much easier to figure out a date than it is to find a venue you both like, that's in a good location and is in the budget.  

3. "I shouldn't have splurged at the last minute on unnecessary impulse buys."-  Set a budget and stick to it.  A wedding planner will help TREMENDOUSLY with this.  A professional can tell you what is and isn't necessary.  When it's getting close and the pressure is on, it's hard to tell what purchases will really make a difference and the ones you'll regret.  We can guide you in the right direction and keep you from spending unnecessary money.

4. "I wouldn't worry so much about getting my dress dirty."- Some of the prettiest pictures will be outside, under trees, in fields or even in a creek.  Have fun and get it cleaned later.  

5. "I would've hired a videographer."- If you want more then just pictures to capture the most precious moments, be sure to hire a videographer.  Some photographers have a package that includes videography.  Don't wait until the last minute though.  Make time to find someone with good reviews.  

6. "I wouldn't have chosen a buffet."- Buffets can be inconvenient at times.  Guests with children, disabilities or older guests don't like to stand and wait in a line and then try to manage to get back to their seat with everything on their plate.  A seated dinner helps the reception flow a lot smoother.  It also speeds dinner up so you and your guests have more time to mingle and celebrate.

7. "I should have chosen a venue that had better options for pictures."- If your venue doesn't have any scenic spots for pictures, then you might end up having to travel a bit to get the pictures you want.  This takes a lot of time and can be hectic trying to corral the whole wedding party off to a different location and back.  Instead, make sure your venue has plenty of options for great pictures that you'll be forever happy with!  If you have to, you can always toss the dress back on another day to get your perfect shots in front of your favorite football stadium! 

8. "I shouldn't have invited so many people."- Inviting too many people can dig your budget into the ground faster than you can say "I do".  Invite the people who you want to share your day with, who you couldn't imagine it without.  A guest count of 200+ isn't necessary for most couples.  It will limit your venue options and also take a huge toll on your budget.  The more people, the more cake, food and guest favors.  

9. "I wish my dress fit better."- It may take 4 fittings to get it just right, but you'll sure be glad that your gown is hugging you in the right places on your wedding day.  It's worth it to pay a little extra or put a tad bit more time into your dress rather than to hope it fits and have a slip of a strap or a loose bodice. 

10. "I wish I would have been more comfortable."- Sure, those 5 inch heels are super trendy.  Too bad no one can see them under dress.  The truth is, you could wear flip flops and no one will know the difference, unless of course you're wearing a short dress.  In that case, get you some fabulous flats for the reception!  Dress to impress, but also to enjoy the party.

11. "I should have spent more time with my guests."- Remember that your guests have come just for you.  Make a stop at each table to say hi and thank them for coming.  Or even try to make a round through the reception.  You may not get to talk to every person, but try your best to be appreciative and enjoy their company.

12. "I wish I had slowed down to enjoy the moment."-  This seems to be the most common regret among brides.  Probably because the day is so hectic, and so exciting it just flies by before you know it.  You've been waiting for 1+ years and it feels like it's gone in five minutes!  Make a point to just stop, slow down and soak it all in.  Before the ceremony, during the ceremony, during pictures, at the reception, any chance you get savor the moment.  Having a wedding planner will take all the stress of coordinating of you so that you can relax and enjoy your night.  

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