Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fall Preview 2013

Fall weddings are becoming more and more popular.  It seems like everyone wants to exchange their "I dos" in the crisp fall air, surrounded by the changing leaves.  This beautiful scenery offers plenty of details for designers and wedding planners to be inspired by.  It also gives the perfect atmosphere to host a beautiful affair.

All over beaded/glam
Maggie Sottero

Embroidery/Nature inspired embroidery/Textured fabrics
Claire Pettibone

Jim Hjelm


Sheer straps

According to Pantone, the official color of the year is Emerald.  Other colors that will be making a statement are Turbulence, Mykonos Blue, Samba, Acai, Koi, Carafe, Vivacious, Deep Lichen Green and Linden Green.  These make up the fall 2013 color created by Pantone.

Food and Drink
 Seated dining with plated meals are a huge hit.  To add a pop of some extra glam, throw in gold silverware and Gatsby style glasses and centerpieces.  As for drinks, toss the martini and pour the bubbly!  Champagne bars are taking center stage in 2013.

We foresee that the most loved wedding cakes this fall will be inspired by nature (birds, tree branches) and dress detail (lace, ruffles).  We also expect to continue to see ombre and chevron patterns.  We're anticipating tasting some crazy flavors this year, due to the current cupcake craze.  Though I think we'll see the majority of brides stick with the classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.  As far as icing goes, more and more couples are choosing buttercream instead of fondant.  It's more appealing and has a better taste. Just because you take away the fondant doesn't mean you can't have a beautifully decorated cake!  There's plenty of ways to achieve the taste and design you desire.

Live, Laugh, Love
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  1. Beautiful post! Looking forward to making many of these a look for our brides to be! As always NEP on top and keeping us informed!