Friday, August 30, 2013

"Picture This!"

Pictures are such an easy and affordable way to add some spark to your wedding.  Using them as a part of your decor is a great way to show your guests special moments in your life.  They'll enjoy getting to know you and your husband even more by taking a look at your past.  It's also a great way to personalize your wedding!  

One of the many ways you can incorporate photos in your wedding is to take pictures of your fiance' and yourself holding up table numbers.  Set them on the table in any type of frame.  You will have a centerpiece, conversation starter and table number all in one!  You mostly see these table pictures at fun-themed weddings, however you can coordinate the pictures you take with your theme.  For example, if your theme is rustic and western, put on your cutest cowgirl boots and find a pretty field as your backdrop.

You can also use wedding photos of your parents and grandparents to show your family's marital lineage. This makes for an intimate setting.  I think it's a very touching way to honor your family.

Memory boards would have to be one of my favorites.  They show the story of how you and your husband came to be.  You can show pictures of how or where you met, your first date, vacations and engagement photos.  Whatever pictures show special memories in your relationship!  This would be perfect for any type wedding, whether it be rustic or the finest of elegance.

Family trees are not only informative and interesting, they're beautiful!  They would look great at an outdoor wedding, or a wedding with a nature theme. 

Social media seems to be the main form of communication these days. So why not incorporate it into your wedding?  Couples want to see their wedding from not only their own point of view, but yours too!  After all, isn't it the guests that brides are trying to impress?  "Instagraming" your wedding is becoming a huge trend.  Couples set up an account and get you to use a certain hashtag so that all of the pictures can be seen on one page.

If you are old school like me, you can give your guests disposable cameras as wedding favors.  Let them use the cameras throughout the night and have them leave the film in a box as they go.  This is such a cool way to capture all the things you'll be too busy to see!

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