Monday, September 19, 2011

Colleen and Josh's Lakeside Wedding

Colleen and Josh had a beautiful recepiton at Colleen's home where she grew up in Hendersonville. The color scheme consisted of green, ivory and light pinks which accented well with the outdoor setting. Colleen wanted the whole outside area around tent to have twinkle lighting and laterns hanging from the trees to give it that warm elegant feel. I wanted to share a few pictures by Michelle Hines Photography. 

Huge thanks to Grand Central Party Rental, Vicki with Branching Out, Michelle Hines (photography), Terri with Cake Galore, and A Dream Come True Catering!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Shabby Chic Engagement

I can't wait to share these pictures of Erin and Kamron's Shabby Chic engagement. Erin and Kamron are the best friends anyone could ask for and I'm so happy to share their story on NEP.

Here's the story from Erin:

"The night before our 7th year anniversary, I was told I was going over to one of Jenny's (sister) friend's house to take pictures for our blog, then we were going to see the movie "The Help"(never got to see it!). I had been at work all day and did not feel "cute" enough to take pictures, but I went...

As soon as Jenny and I got to the house, she told me to go a head and go down to the barn and she would be down in a minute. She was going to wait for her friend to get there. I stood in the driveway for a few minutes and called Kamron to see if he was off work yet. He answered the phone and said he just got off work and would call me when he got in town. Nothing unusual... our conversation everyday.

I knew it was our anniversary the next day, but still wasn't thinking about any surprises. My sister walked out of the house with her friend (because I was still in the driveway) and she said lets go down to the barn. We walked half way and then she literally shoved me and said go to the barn. I walked a little further down and saw Kamron's car parked beside the barn. I also saw a lot of little twinkling lights.

Kamron was just standing there... I was like OMG this is awesome. It looked like a photo shoot... I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was!

He showed me around and we talked about everything. He then told me he got my favorite dessert... cannoli!

I was still freaking out, taking pictures with my phone, worried because I did not have my camera. He then told me to calm down and come sit down. Once I sat down, I was looking at everything he had done. And then... he started walking toward me with a little box.

Kamron then asked me if I would marry him and I believe my first response was "sure" then I said wait I guess I should say YES! "

Mike Cowart with Myrick Studio took the pictures check them out they are amazing:

Congrats to you two and can't wait to start planning the wedding!

Please be sure to check out Erin and her sister's Blog, Sunday Sister. We love it and so will you.

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