Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to "pick" the right flowers

We at Nashville Event Planning now offer a floral service.  We will help design and create the most beautiful centerpieces and bouquets.  Being that we are planners, we understand the importance of staying within a  budget, so we will work closely with you to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck and are more than happy with the results.  We are looking out for your best interest!

There are several things that you should take into account when deciding on the flowers you will have on your big day.  One of those things being the season.  The season in which you order your flowers is very important because it will determine what flowers will be available at that time.  It also could make a big impact on your budget if the flowers you choose are scarce because they are out of or at the end of their season.  Here is a list of some stunning flowers often used in weddings, and the seasons in which they are available:





Sweet Peas



Juliet Roses and Garden Roses



Billy Balls

Spider Mums



Stock, fall daisies, mustard yellow spider mums and dahlias

Calla Lily


While choosing the flowers for your bouquet, you want to keep in mind the size of the bouquet vs. the size of the dress.  If you have a giant bouquet with a slim fitting gown then you might be hiding your beautiful dress that everyone is dying to see!  Or on the other hand, if you have a smaller bouquet with a voluptuous ballgown, your flowers might get lost in a sea of dress.  Make sure to find something that will complement your dress.

Remember that the more expensive flowers aren't always a bad idea.  Some options higher in price might cover more ground, like peonies.  They're more expensive, but they are bigger so you don't have to use as many flowers to create a centerpiece or bouquet.

Give us a call so we can get started on designing your perfect day!  We will give you what you need from the coordinating right down to the invitations and flowers.  Make us your one-stop-shop so that we can take care of all the work and you can sit back and relax!

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sweeten up your candy buffet!

Candy buffets have become extremely popular over the last few years for several reasons.  For one, they make inexpensive wedding, baby shower, birthday or any kind of favors.  Your guests will love being able to pick out their own treats to take home and you will love not having to spend a fortune on it!  Another reason is that they add flair and help tie in your theme or color scheme.  They also give your guests a way to be more interactive.  

Typically a candy buffet includes rock candy, m&m's, marshmallow twists, hershey's kisses and other easy to eat goodies.  They are set up in vases on a designated table, along with mini bags for your guests to tote them in.

  This new craze has caused bakers to begin experimenting with the endless opportunities to create something that's never been tasted or seen.  They're changing the game of baking and creating mini masterpieces for wedding display.  (See Picture Below)
Pie bar is a great way to share your favorites with guest
Because of this up and coming trend, we are now offering to style various types of dessert bars along  with our candy buffet packages.  This will add variety to your dessert options to those who love all sweets or even to those who don't like candy yet still want a party favor.  You'll know for sure they won't be able to leave empty handed when they have so many delicious options to choose from!
Call us for more information. 

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chevron:pattern of 2013

This year we've seen tons of new and old trends.  We've kept mint around as the popular color of 2013, and lace has made a comeback.  But aside from colors and fabrics, there is a new craze emerging: chevron!  This pattern has been making appearances on cakes, linens and even bridesmaid's dresses.  There's so many ways to incorporate this vintage-modern pattern into your wedding, baby shower, corporate event or even birthday party.  Check out some of these cool ideas:

This grey and beige color scheme is very classy and makes for a natural, serene atmosphere.

Yellow is the perfect spring/summertime color!

This chevron, lace gown is stunning.

Wristlet wallets are a great bridesmaids gift! 

Chevron looks great on, especially paired with a contrasting color ribbon at the waist.

This is a great look for wedding invites!

I hope these ideas gave you some great inspiration!  We would love to add some chevron to your event!

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