Monday, September 1, 2014

S'Mores Bar for the Perfect Fall Wedding

A s'mores bar is a fun way to enhance your dessert table or wedding favors, especially if you plan on having kids at your wedding. This campfire favorite makes for a sweet treat year round. If you are interested in this sweet treat please call us today! 
Check out: Sunday Sisters 

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Michelle and Jacob's Reception Details

Michelle and Jacob's wedding was romantic and the perfect wedding every little girl dreams about. From the beautiful backdrop of historic War Memorial to the detailed draping around the room, our team helped design a chic wedding that exceeded Michelle and Jacobs expectations. The color palette was soft pinks, with pops of silver and white. Michelle wanted every decor detail simple, but elegant. It was important to Michelle to make her wedding feel warm and inviting, so she had our event team set up various seating areas around the room using vintage southern furniture. We are excited to share the pictures!

Huge thanks to the amazing team of vendors for making this wedding possible!  
Event Design and Planning: Nashville Event Planning 
Reception Venue: War Memorial 
Ceremony: St. Edwards 
Photographer: KG Photography 
Event Rentals and Draping: Grand Central Party Rental 
Florist: Vicki with Branching Out
Caterer: The Chef and I Catering 
Nashville wedding band: The Downtown Band 
Wedding cake designer: Signature Cakes by Vicki 
Candy Buffet: Nashville Event Planning
Hotel: Nashville Homewood Suites
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Nashville Event Planning 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Prioritizing Your Planning

We all know that wedding planning can be an overwhelming process.  The moment that ring is slipped on your finger you are overcome with excitement and joy.  Once the initial shock and excitement settle, it hits you that you have no idea where to start!  Well I'm going to give you a few tips that will help you begin the planning process with confidence.

The first thing you want to do is speak to a planner.  It's extremely important to speak to a professional and get as much information as you can, even if you choose not to make a commitment to them at that time.  We offer free consultations at Nashville Event Planning so there is nothing to lose!

After speaking with a planner you will want to decide on a budget.  Your budget is one of the most important decisions you will make because it will dictate which vendors you are able to use.  Talk with your fiance', parents, grandparents or whoever you think will want to pitch in on the big day.  These days couples are straying from the traditional financial delegations, so it's important to discuss who is paying for what.  We will be able to help you through this process so you get the biggest bang out of your buck!

Once you've decided on your budget, start brainstorming and getting ideas of how you want your wedding day to look.  This is the part most brides enjoy and look forward to.  Keep in mind that the wedding style you choose will influence the venue, and possibly the dress you choose as well.  For instance, if you decide to have a rustic western theme, you will probably want your wedding to take place at a venue that has a barn, field or other southern accents.  To be more cohesive you could choose a southern style wedding gown.

As far as which to choose first, decide which is most important to you: dress, venue or style.  Which are you not willing to budge on?  Which will you be most happy with?  Which is most budget friendly?  All of these questions will get you a few steps further in your planning.

Next you will want to choose your wedding date.  The reason you want to decide these things before choosing your date is because there is no guarantee that your desired venue will be available on the date you've chosen.  It's best to not get attached to anything before papers are signed.  Try your best to roll with the punches and be flexible.  However, like I stated earlier, if the date is something you are unwilling to budge on then plan accordingly.

There are many more decisions to be made beyond these.  I hope this gives you an idea of how to get started.  Nashville Event Planning really does aim to keep you happy, calm and collected throughout the entire process.  We can help you with anything and everything you need.  Our goal is for you to be completely overjoyed at the results of your wedding day.  We strive to make you happy!  Call us today and set up a free consultation to see how we can make the days up to, and the day of your wedding as easy as possible!

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Monday, January 13, 2014


I'm sorry it's been so long since we have posted any blogs!  Our team has had a busy holiday season.  We are excited to be back in the groove of our passion: planning events!

Now that we have entered engagement season, I find it's important to remind everyone why having an event planner is so important.  There are so many misconceptions about having a planner that deter brides from even considering hiring one.  Here are some common misconceptions, or myths, and the actual truths and facts.

Myth- Hiring a wedding planner requires you to let the planner make all the decisions.

Fact- We are here make your dream a reality.  We want to guide you through the stressful process of planning your wedding.  Our goal is to find out what you want and bring it to life.  We don't want to take any of the involvement away from you.  Instead, we want to share our experience with you and ensure you get the most out of your day.

Myth-  If you are organized you don't need a planner.

Fact-   If you are organized and have the time and patience to plan your own wedding, more power to you!  However, a wedding planner's job doesn't end when the venue and caterer are booked.  It's extremely important to have someone who is skilled and experienced to execute the day. 

 That person will need to make sure every vendor is arriving on time and setting up properly.  We have a staff that is determined to have your day go as smoothly as possible.  It is a planner's job to have everything in place and cue everyone down the isle so that you all can enjoy the moment.  Having a friend or family member in charge often causes them to miss out on your special day.

Myth-  Only people with money can afford planners.

Fact-  Being in the event business, we understand the importance of a budget.  In saying that, we will do whatever it takes to not only work within your budget, but save you money.  Since we have a wide array of connections, we can find you the best deals and make sure you have the most reliable vendors.  

Wedding planners aren't just for someone who needs help with the planning process.  They're for every bride who wants assurance that their day will go as planned.  Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your wedding details and see what will work best for you!  

Live, Laugh, Love
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