Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chevron:pattern of 2013

This year we've seen tons of new and old trends.  We've kept mint around as the popular color of 2013, and lace has made a comeback.  But aside from colors and fabrics, there is a new craze emerging: chevron!  This pattern has been making appearances on cakes, linens and even bridesmaid's dresses.  There's so many ways to incorporate this vintage-modern pattern into your wedding, baby shower, corporate event or even birthday party.  Check out some of these cool ideas:

This grey and beige color scheme is very classy and makes for a natural, serene atmosphere.

Yellow is the perfect spring/summertime color!

This chevron, lace gown is stunning.

Wristlet wallets are a great bridesmaids gift! 

Chevron looks great on, especially paired with a contrasting color ribbon at the waist.

This is a great look for wedding invites!

I hope these ideas gave you some great inspiration!  We would love to add some chevron to your event!

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