Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Saying Yes to the Bridesmaids' Dress"

I was inspired by the show "Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids" to write a blog about choosing the right bridesmaids dresses.  Sometimes, picking out your bridesmaids dresses can be just as big of a task as picking out your own dress was.  You want your girls to be comfortable, confident and of course you want to like the dresses too!  The ultimate decision depends on which dress YOU love.  Here are some tips that are sure to make your search for the perfect dresses a little easier:

1.   Don't crowd the dressing rooms.  Bring who is necessary.  The more people you invite, the more opinions you're inviting.  Too many opinions can lead to being overwhelmed and confused.

2.  Consider getting your bridesmaids to make a list of their visions of the dresses.  Maybe some prefer strapless, or a certain color.  Don't lose control of the decision, but be open-minded to their opinions.

3.  Be understanding.  Don't put your best friend in a tight fitting, satin dress if it's hugging her in all the wrong places just because that's what you've been dreaming about.  Consider a looser fitting fabric, like chiffon.  I'd rather have a smiling, comfortable bridesmaid in my pictures than one that looks bitter and cramped.

4.  Keep skin tones in mind when choosing the shade of the dress.  For example: You might want to pair a lighter hue with a fair skin tone.  Otherwise you run the risk of them looking washed out.

5.  Don't make your bridesmaids look bad in order to make yourself look better.  You will be beautiful.  You want your friends to look and feel beautiful too.  Be a good friend!

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