Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring has sprung!

Now that spring is finally here, there is inspiration blooming all around.  It's that time of the year for bright colors,  flowing fabrics and touches of nature.  Check out these ideas for your spring event:

While bright color schemes aren't a spring "must"(neutral tones also complement the fresh season), they do offer a brighter WOW factor, rather than a subtle elegance.

Whether you go bright and powerful or subtle and soft, yellow is most definitely 
a spring hue.

Let the groomsmen mix and match tie colors and patterns. It gives neutral colors a great pop of color.

A light fabric like chiffon or these sheer overlay dresses would be both beautiful and comfortable.

Something as simple as fresh fruits in your centerpieces could instantly brighten up the scenery and give it a spring vibe.  Not to mention, it's very cost effective!

Now for some outdoor springtime wedding and event tips:

- Brace yourself for drastic weather changes.  If you're familiar with the weather in Nashville, then this should need no explanation.  In case of rain, be prepared with a tent and possibly even carpeting so guests aren't squish squashing through the mud.  Having some umbrellas on hand for the guests to make their way to and from cars would be wise also.  For heat, consider having your programs printed on fans; cute and effective.

- Keep pesky bugs in mind.  You could set out cans of bug spray, repellent towelettes, incenses or even

-Be considerate of allergies.  Spring is prime time allergy season.  That being said, keep everyone's sniffles under control by customizing travel packs of tissues as your wedding favors.  You could also write notes on your save the dates or invitations letting guests know that the event will be taking place outside so they can take the necessary precautions.  I'm sure they will greatly appreciate it!

-Beware of prom!  Since prom is usually during spring, handle booking your limousine and finding any tuxedos early to avoid any mishaps. 

-When planning your menu, you can't go wrong with fresh, in-season fruits and veggies!  Carrot cake would be a nice touch as well.  What a yummy way to welcome spring and your new "I do's"!

With these ideas and tips, your will be well on your way to making your spring event a hit!

Live, Laugh, Love
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