Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Common Wedding Decor Trends for 2009

In researching and through out our wedding for 2009, I have noticed certain trends: I want to give everyone a few ideas for weddings for 2009:

-Outdoor weddings: on a farm, in a vineyard, or even in the backyard -- are huge right now, and we'll continue to see a lot of them in 2009. A wedding of this nature makes for a fun, laid-back vibe and decor. How to decorate with this theme find vintage vases with fun color flowers or candles that POP. is back along with rich colors like navy, plum, and amber. If you put any of these colors with a bright color that pops it will make a GREAT color combo.
-Colorful patterns are in such as polka-dotted, paisley, and checkered. Add an overlay or table runner and it will dress up your room. Coordinate your invitations and envelopes with your pattern scheme.
-Ballroom Gowns are back: A-line with not dramatic detail but a dramatic hairpiece (i.e. Flowers, feathers, fun headbands, or fancy jeweled hairpiece).
-Hairstyles that are in are what everyone calls the "Carrie Underwood" up do!
-Creative Lighting: Lighting is turning out to impress the crowd. Projecting chandeliers, large trees, flowers, lots of up lighting. When it comes to space the best thing to dress it up is colorful lamps, line room with strands of lighting, or chandeliers large or small. One of the best lighting companies we work with is Nashville Event Lighting
-Photography: Is the more artiste and different pictures the better. Also, the more places and variety of pictures the better.
-Photo Booths: Are the new guest book/wedding favors. It allows you to remember the fun side of your guest and it gives them a chance to treasure your wedding forever. "A picture speaks louder than word."
-Party favors: Instead of worry about making hundreds of favors set up a candy bar buffet. It allows guest to pick what candy is their favorite. Candy bar buffets also catches peoples eye and makes their experience at your wedding memorable.

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